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Jafree Ozwald

By Jafree Ozwald

Hello, my name is Jafree and I'm the creator of these Enlightened Messages and the founder of the global enlightenment portal I have been awakening the planet with enlightened articles and personalized messages since the year 2000.

By 2004, my Enlightened Messages have inspired the hearts and awakened the minds of hundreds of thousands of people from 65+ countries around the world!

These heart opening emails are 100% GUARANTEED to take you into a higher dimension of consciousness and make you FEEL good about life again!!

"In all my many years of professional work I have never read anything that touches my heart as much as your articles and your daily Enlightened Messages. They are rooted deep in spirituality, soul language, common sense and contain much more which I can't even articulate."

Bayan Rahal

"I have honestly come to know who I am in this Universe through your enlightened messages. I have been in bondage for a long time struggling to get out. Now I totally understand and know who I am in this Universe. It's very wonderful and beautiful to know and feel that I am divine and can create and manifest my dreams just as I am. Every time I read your emails, it inspires me and makes my day!"


"I totally LOVE your daily enlightening manifesting treasures that continue to Bless my heart and my day! Thank you soooo much for these tools!"

Janice Devine-Patterson

"When I wake up in the morning I check e-mail for my 'Enlightened Messages' and they make a big difference in my life! They are personal heart felt words that support my spiritual journey. It changes my outlook on life everyday. Many blessings to you....thank you Jafree!"

Gabriele Master, Kauai


The 7 Healing Benefits of Enlightened Messages

#1 You begin to operate your everyday normal life from an expansive 5D enlightening mindset. It is time to get enlightened! From this spiritually evolved place you'll naturally magnetize and manifest the most positive experiences to you. Naturally you'll attract enjoyable outcomes, fantastic new opportunities, conscious loving people, and even unexpected sources of abundance that seem to just show up wherever you go!

#2 Life simply flows for you with effortless ease. With a more enlightening approach to life, you realize that the Universe is working for you instead of against you. Everything just works easier in your daily existence and you'll find the great abundance of life naturally flows your way.

#3 You'll feel more inner peace and joy in your heart. Reading these messages is like a daily spiritual massage. You'll feel soothed by the insights you receive and find yourself spontaneously having more joy and creativity in your day. This vibration will help you to manifest whatever it is your heart desires!

#4 A divine synchronicity begins showing up more often in your day. Every time you open your heart by reading an enlightened message and feel more aligned and connected with the Universe. The messages are a guide, showing you how to find your spiritual path in life, so you can move through any problem you're dealing with on that day.

#5 You'll evolve and enlighten your consciousness to the next level. Whether you feel you are guided by the Universe or by some other force, the truth is we all need positive messages that reinforce our appreciation for life. These messages strengthen the connection you have with your soul, helping you feel the life force within you. By simply reading the enlightening wisdom you receive, you'll find your own inner guidance becomes stronger and more clear.

#6 You'll feel a natural alignment with knowing your life's purpose and soul's true mission. When you are on the enlightened path, there is this feeling of being aligned with the Universe. It just happens because you are living in a state of absolute trust and openness. You could even feel that this miniature e-course is nudging you towards becoming the master of your destiny.

#7 Feeling more happy, joyful and excited being alive! A natural by product of reading enlightened messages is that they get you in touch with the joy of your inner world. Many people spend lifetimes seeking happiness in the outer world, and yet never know how to find a permanent state of joy within. As you begin to dive into yourself, and relax more into you, you start trusting all of life, and become truly open for receiving all the great abundance you deserve. Below is a video I created that contains a few shortened Enlightened Messages for you to get a feel of the quality of my work.


I invite you to ask yourself honestly... What Do You Want to Get Out of Your Life?

Life is the most amazing adventure there is. If you're not fully enjoying it then be more AWARE of the thoughts you're invest into it.

We can focus on enjoyoing the aroma of the roses or lost in pricking our fingers on the thorns. Daily enlightened messages jumpstart your mind each morning in the most positive joyful direction possible!

They will give your entire day something to guide you towards creating an enlightening experience of life. After 21 days, you will feel a deep transforming experience to your soul.

Each week of enlightened messages takes you on a spiritual journey deeper inside yourself. This journey is redirecting you back to your true enlightened nature. What could be more amazing than that? 

Emotional benefits from reading a daily enlightened message includes...

Are you ready to Enlighten Your Life?


How Enlightened Messages Can Transform Your Life

Every enlightened message is designed to take you on a journey into the core of your being where it uproots the old unhealthy thinking patterns and installs a new enlightened approach which becomes a type of healing medicine for the mind. As this new enlightened thinking takes root in your life over time, it tends to release buried tensions inside the body, and soothe your deepest hidden anxieties in the emotional body, allowing you to deeply relax and enjoy the process of letting it all go.

The enlightened state of consciousness each message was written from will spiritually liberate any stuckness you're in. This will allow you to access an indescribable feeling of freedom that can remain with you all day long. Enlightening your consciousness is an easy way to start enjoying your life to the MAX! Your daily life can feel like you're receiving a healing heart massage, that will awaken your soul to find your highest potentiality as a human being.

Reading a daily enlightened message starts your day on the right track! You begin your day FEELING GOOD about yourself and your life. You become clear how to manifest the deepest life, the most potent love, and the most successful life that you desire. After 21 days of receiving your enlightened messages you'll have retrained your brain to remain free from anger, worry, anxiety and fear. You will have awakened your consciousness to a higher level, expanded your thinking, liberated your mind's limitations and revitalized your soul. Daily enlightening morsels of wisdom just make being human easier.


When we make the time each day to enlighten our consciousness to a higher dimension, we start to attract more of what makes us feel good, and less of what we no longer enjoy. We become a magnet for magnetizing the most loving healthy people and abundant situations into our lives! We understand how EASY and EFFORTLESS your life has become. Everything you do will just seem easier, brighter and more positive.

I know that once you join the email list, you will look forward to reading your personal enlightened message every day. You will not be able to stop feeling inspired about your life! You will be increasing your vibration so HIGH that you will find yourself manifesting ANYTHING and EVERYTHING your heart desires! Learn how to live that life you never thought was possible!

Get ready to liberate your mind, heal your heart, soothe your soul, and manifest your dream life!

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"Thank you, Jafree you are such a wonderful light and presence and I love your daily messages. I always listen to it with my heart and really use the information through my days. I send you big squeeze, hugs and lots of love and gratitude."



After 21 days of receiving your FREE Daily Enlightened Messages you just might awaken that Enlightened Being who was sleeping inside you. This is a perpetual state of effortless peace, a constant divine state of joy for no external reason at all. Unlimited peace and power will become readily available to you... no matter what is occurring in your outer world.

Now this is something to get excited about!!

You can get enlightened. It does happen. If you do, you'll discover how easy it is manifest the goals, dreams and desires that you want in the world.

I believe it's possible for every human being on this planet to access their full potentiality. With this daily enlightening technology it opens us in the right direction and helps the world start creating a more loving, connecting and blissful experience of life!

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How Can Enlightened Messages Actually Shift your Energy?

These enlightened messages are based on an ancient science of discovering the Divine Being within us all. They help you to access an expanded state of consciousness that will liberate you from any suffering you are having.

Good things consistently happen to people who are flowing in a positive joyful vibration and energy. Like attracts like, and when you're able to find unstoppable joy in each moment in life, you'll start attracting everything your heart has desired in the outer world!

Enlightened messages provide a doorway to experience a profound state of freedom, aliveness and empowerment that is like nothing you've ever had before. You deserve to have a life filled rich with enlightening experiences and our FREE Enlightened Messages will help you do just that!

When you Enlighten your Inner World, Life Gets Easier on the Outer World!

We all need some resource to keep us centered, motivated, on track with our life mission and inspired to reach all our dreams. These enlightened messages will support you to do just that! You'll be invited to "check in" with your self everyday to see how calm and connected you feel.

The effects are enormous! You will see the positive shifts show up whenever you spend time with those who've you've struggled with.

You see, each enlightened message carries a certain vibration which will cultivate a higher awareness inside over time. This will help you transcend old habits that no longer serve you, and create new habits that make you feel like an enlightened being!

When you are living from this enlightened space everyday, you'll naturally feel more alive, peaceful, and grateful no matter what occurs in your physical world.

As you start discovering the natural Divine Manifesting Being inside you, the way you perceive yourself, this world and everyone in it will change. You'll be receiving a new secret everyday to access the highest enlightened state of consciousness which is the master key to transcending all the suffering in this life.

After 21 days of reprogramming your mind with these inspirational enlightening messages, your whole being will FEEL different. You'll naturally be creating a more enlightening experience of life, tapping into the amazing being who you truly are.


When you increase your consciousness, you'll feel re-connected with a greater power within you. This is what allows all of us to have a taste of total freedom, inner peace, real love and true abundance in our lives.

Within 21 days on this journey you'll learn how to access this powerful healing wisdom hidden inside you. The small annoyances and stresses of daily life will no longer impact you like they did before.

You may even start to feel as if you are...



Learn How to Effortlessly Manifest The Life of your Dreams!

The purpose of this enlightening experience is to awaken a permanent state of peace and happiness within you. Yes, a state of consistent JOY that is unsurpassed by any other experience. When your brain is hardwired to think on these higher levels... it feels natural to be deserving of everything that makes you feel more abundant, alive, on purpose, and liberated about your life.

Bathing your consciousness in these unique enlightening thoughts will create a richer inner world, which will manifest directly into your outer world. You will learn how to Manifest your Dreams with Joy and Effortless Ease! In a very short time you'll discover how to...

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